Sunday, March 23, 2014

What can go wrong, will go wrong...

Boom! what more need be said!?!?

This has been a kinda weird weekend, First, I actually got my part of the project finish, which I should have known Murphy's Law was gonna kick in at that point! Second, Zenn's PC had the equivalent of one of its kidneys removed with him taking a bad graphics card out; fortunately, his PC still has one more graphics card, so still going. :) Third, I lost count how many times Erin had a hair transplant! Can't say too much cause honestly the hair can really make a character pop or flop, but I think we have found a style that suits her; also some crazy shit was goin on with Viki's texture mat so we had to fix that one :p hopefully, with a little luck, we shall be right back on schedule with this set. Now, if you all don't mind Zenn has a new poll up on his site, if you could, please lend him your opinion.

Zenn's site

On to other news, you know Bigbear69? Well he finally released a look at his vixens for his "Untold Stories" series.

One has already fallen, how many more will find themselves victims, :3, of Order 66? If you haven't read his stories go check 'em out over at rotica. Honestly, his work is about the only reason I still go to that site...

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

St. Patrick's Day and Black mail (WARNING!!!!!! SPOILERS!!!!!!111!!!1!!!!!)

Hey all, hope everyone's St. Patrick's Day was as fun filled as mine was. Now, Im not the sort go overboard with my debauchery, but I did veg out on the walking dead! I know, I know, St. Patrick's Day and Walking Dead have 0 in common, but I needed to catch on the fourth season, since I pretty much erased the show from my memory. I mean how do you expect a show to continue after the craziest violent antagonist was beaten, stabbed, shot to death, which is kinda a befitting ending to his fictitious life if you ask me!?!?! I thought it would be impossible for the writers make the second part of the season full of craziness, That is until I watched the latest episode... 8O WTF!!!! I know I warned about spoilers but shit son! that one is too good to drop here, you all need to see it for yourselves!!!!! Shit got crazy!

And now back to the 3DX side of things, you may recall a few months ago, I may or may not have inadvertently found my way into Zenn's computer and theoretically allocated pic from his hard drive that inexplicably found its way here on my blog. Well, Zenn recalls that because apparently he blatantly did the same to me and now knows something I prefer you all didn't know. And he is apparently going to hold this over my head forcing my compliant working with him until the completion of this new set he's working on he really only had to say "Hey sums!", and I'da been like "ok" :/

So anyways in the midst of all the black mail and dead feast, I came across this and thought, I'd share it with you all non-black mailers! :)

NOTE: I can neither confirm nor deny that this image was acquired without the authorization of Zenn...

Check out Zenn's site if you want to learn more about these two lovelies!

And if by any chance he mentions anything about a teletubbies collection in my basement...HE'S LYING!

Oh, and I haven't forgotten about any prizes that need to be distributed. In dew time...promise. :)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Hey Good news from Rotica! And other News!

Hey guys, well, No pics to show off at the moment as I've busy with work, but I got some good news from Renderotica, one of my favorite artists there, Bigbear69 IS BACK!!!! Now you may remember me talking about his old alien story "they're coming!" well, he's got a new story going called the "Untold stories of Order 66." He's about half way through the first chapter in what he plans to make a series, so give him some love...or...some views cause its some good shit! :)

Also, over the weekend, Epoch released his highly anticipated (at least from me) series called the Dossier files: Ember's Game. It pretty much chucks the bread 'n' butter badass storytelling that we've all come to expect form Epoch and is singularly focused on the fuck session that few like Epoch can produce. Now, they originally meant to release it on the 12 of march but troubles set it back to the weekend. Let me tell ya, it was well worth the extra wait. :) That Ember is one Fine peace 'o' ASS! I know from I didn't but this set does a great job of helping you imagine it! :3 So, sumuner says go check it out, and its at a great price.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Sootin' the Shit...

Hey all!
Ok, gotta make this one quick!

Here are a few things I've done right quick, I'll elaborate later, Gotta go!

Hope you all like so far :)

UPDATE: ok, I'm back! Sorry about that, work called, and lets be honest, that comes first :/

So First up, A long time ago in another blog, a contest was held to name some new girls on said blogger's blog. And as fate would have it, a name I proposed was chosen. Well sadly, it has been close to a year since the blogger has posted anything, so I have decided to reprise the name I submitted for that girl, and hence forth bestow my Zabrak, Mion!

OK, so ummm, imam be honest, I have absolutely no idea about star wars, personally I'm more of a trekkie myself, but since Mongo's got that avenue pretty much covered, I'd rather venture down this ally. Plus, I haven't completely sold myself on this venture yet...But just in case, Her name is Mion (me-own) and she is a Jedi Sentinel, and that's about all I got so far... :P

If by some chance anyone is a SW buff, I'd appreciate any advice you could lend! No, seriously, TELL ME! :)

And as you may have guessed the LIMITED EDITION PRIZE for a one...(squinting eyes to read card)...Mr. Stu Pididiot...well, there you go hope you like it! :)


just the basic idea, I'm having some problems with Tatums stomach extending the way I want it, and you can also see a bit of oddity going on with her rear, but I'll figure it out. Still, its a good start if you ask me. 

OH HEY! The poll ended :) 40 votes, by my standards, that's not too shabby! Thanks everyone who voted, I see you guys like Mina, so when/if I get some good down time, I'll do a quick set for mina. In the mean time, let me know what you all think of these so far :) suggestions are always welcome!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

100K!!!!!! XD

WOO! YEA! 100K...but ummm no winner ok...this is

in other news, as some of you may have noticed, I didn't finish all my bios. I left a few of them up to a friend of mine who is writing the stories for Samira and Cara. As for Azar, I'm honestly still trying to decide what her story is. Thinking I might make her a futureesk story line, but really not sure :/ If anyone would like to plug a line, I'd more than happy to read it...its either that I need to throw darts and hope something coherent comes up! HA! :)

anyways back to the task at hand, thanks to all of you that have visited my blog this past year and a half, HA! I really appreciate it and I hope you like the work that I've posted, and I will continue to post more for you all down the road! X) and I hope that I can improve my skills as I go on!

Thanks again!

I'll update this when someone (anyone!) messeges me! Which I guess means...the contest is still open...:)At this point, pretty sure a comment below would suffice...

And my poll still has two days to go on it so please vote if you haven't already! :)

Oh! also, I don't know if you saw but over at Zenn's site, he's got a poll of his own going so check it out HERE! Yup, he's got some interesting ideas, one of my favorites is his Star Wars Twi'liak(SP?)
I liked it so much, I said to myself, "Hey Sums, what could we make in the SW realm for shits 'n' giggles..." So I put together this pretty little number...

Don't really know if I'm gonna do anything with her, I just wanted to have some fun :)
I believe she is a Zabrak, but I could be wrong. Please excuse the clothing, I wasn't in the mood to retexture anything... So what do you all think we should call her?

Saturday, March 1, 2014

We're getting closer!

Well things are going pretty good it looks like! just a smidge more to the finish line! remember, if you want to win you gotta send me a screen shot of you crossing the threshold! Now, like I said before, the winner gets to make a request for a 1-2 pic idea putting any of my girls in just about any circumstance one can think of. And that got me thinking, "I wonder what everyone has in mind?" So, I would like to see what some of you have in mind! who knows I might even use it someday! SO COMMENT BELOW WITH YOUR IDEAS!

And it also looks like we got a decent number of votes in the poll so far, now there is still time to cast a vote, so if you haven't please do so now! :)

In the mean time of all this fun, I decided it was time to give my gals a proper Bio, (HA! Anything would be better than what I got now!) so for the next day or so that's what I'll be working on so check in on the other pages for some updates!

well...Hasta Luego! X)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Another Celeb passed...

Well shit Harold Ramis died the other day! Now under normal circumstances, this shouldn't be any real cause for sadness, I mean the guy hasn't been in any movie since knocked up. But honestly, I'm not much on normal... I bring it up because I'm a huge ghostbusters fan and he just so happened to be the writer/director of that shit! He even worked on the video games for cryin' out loud! and if it hadn't of been for douchie Mcdouch, the guy Rick Moranis, We all could have enjoyed a third installment in the movie saga! BUT NOT NOW!!!!111!

Sorry, I know its not really my field to talk movies, I don't really like watching modern movies, more of a gamer these days than anything since you're less likely to have to listen to a half baked theory drench in some kind of lame ass ideology for three quarters of the time and finished off with some weak plot line that ends up contradicting what the rest of the movie was about...

Going along the same topic, but not really, one of our own hasn't been doing too good for almost a month and a half now! He was MIA almost the whole time, until recently getting in contact, you know for a bit there I thought he was gone to us, but as luck would have it that's not the case, so until he gets back to tip top shape, this one is for him!

[Pic still rendering (DAM! this takes too long!)]
[[Ok, so it finished rendering, but it looked aweful with the lighting I had used. so I need to spend a bit more time working on it. I'll post it ASAP!]]
And don't forget to keep checkin in to see if you break the 100K mark and get yourelf a PRIZE LIMITED EDITION RENDER! by me! XD