Sunday, March 23, 2014

What can go wrong, will go wrong...

Boom! what more need be said!?!?

This has been a kinda weird weekend, First, I actually got my part of the project finish, which I should have known Murphy's Law was gonna kick in at that point! Second, Zenn's PC had the equivalent of one of its kidneys removed with him taking a bad graphics card out; fortunately, his PC still has one more graphics card, so still going. :) Third, I lost count how many times Erin had a hair transplant! Can't say too much cause honestly the hair can really make a character pop or flop, but I think we have found a style that suits her; also some crazy shit was goin on with Viki's texture mat so we had to fix that one :p hopefully, with a little luck, we shall be right back on schedule with this set. Now, if you all don't mind Zenn has a new poll up on his site, if you could, please lend him your opinion.

Zenn's site

On to other news, you know Bigbear69? Well he finally released a look at his vixens for his "Untold Stories" series.

One has already fallen, how many more will find themselves victims, :3, of Order 66? If you haven't read his stories go check 'em out over at rotica. Honestly, his work is about the only reason I still go to that site...


  1. Merry Christmas Sumuner. I hope you back soon T_T

  2. (ノ^_^)ノ Happy New Year sumuner!!

    1. Thank you YmomY! I hope you had a happy new year too and a Merry Christmas prior to that!
      No worries, I'm still here! I just haven't gotten on cause forgot my password and lacked the motivation to remember it 😄